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America’s Patriots & Veterans: Help Us Make the Movie That Hollywood Won’t!


Turning Point Trail

& Turning Point Day

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Amidst autumn’s grandeur, come visit New York’s “Turning Point Trail” to see where a revolution was saved and world history forever changed.

One of the main goals of this promising project is to bring sustained awareness of, and interest in, New York’s Adirondack Mountains and Champlain, Hudson, and Mohawk Valley regions.

It is hoped that New York’s “Turning Point Trail” can rightfully be elevated to the recognition enjoyed by Boston’s “Freedom Trail”. If this aspiration is achieved, tourists will visit again and again to learn about the pivotal role that New York’s “Turning Point Trail” played in saving the American War for Independence in 1777. For too long, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia have bested New York in commemorating this exciting history despite the fact that America’s fight for independence was saved in Upstate New York and that more battles of this long war were fought on New York soil than in any other state. While the Revolution was heroically started in Massachusetts in 1775 and General Washington and America’s courageous French allies all but ended the conflict with the resounding victory at Yorktown in 1781, it was indeed the Battles of Bennington and Saratoga in the Upper Hudson Valley and the sacrifice that occurred in the Mohawk Valley in the summer of 1777 that enabled Benjamin Franklin to prevail upon the French crown so that a comprehensive alliance between France and the United States could be established. The providential miracle of the complete victories at Bennington and Saratoga gave birth to the Franco-American alliance and the first national American thanksgiving on December 18, 1777.

This is more than just history. It is a truly great story.

This movie project aims to shine a bright light on New York’s beautiful “Turning Point Trail” which traces General John Burgoyne’s Campaign of 1777 which started in Quebec and ended in New York’s picturesque Upper Hudson Valley. Burgoyne’s consequential campaign directly touched more than 18 counties in Upstate New York and indirectly, as many as 30. This is more than just history. It is a truly great story. And soon, with your generous support, this story will be expertly made into an epic movie. October is officially “History Month” in New York State and October 17 proudly marks the date of General Burgoyne’s shocking surrender – the first time that a British army was forced to surrender in history – and the decisive turning point in America’s fight for independence. It is hoped that on this day – “Turning Point Day” (also sometimes referred to as “Surrender Day”) – church bells will be rung, twenty-one gun salutes rendered, evening skies illuminated by fireworks, and moments of silence observed to honor the service and sacrifice of the patriots who did their part, when all appeared to be lost and America desperately needed a miracle. Now, we must do our part to make certain that they are never forgotten.

I have always thought Hudson’s River the most proper part of the whole continent for opening vigorous operations. Because the course of the river, so beneficial for conveying all the bulky necessaries of an army, is precisely the route that an army ought to take for the great purposes of cutting the communications between the Southern and Northern Provinces, giving confidence to the Indians, and securing a junction with the Canadian forces.”

— Gen. John Burgoyne, 1775

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We are calling on America’s Patriots & Veterans to make a donation towards this worthy project which was started more than 10 years ago.