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America’s Patriots & Veterans: Help Us Make the Movie That Hollywood Won’t!

Founder’s Special Request

There are many bona fide and very worthy local, regional, and national institutions and organizations – both public and private – that are diligently preparing to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the American War for Independence and the nation’s founding. When making a difficult decision as to which effort to support, I humbly ask that you choose one that is veteran-owned and operated.

To this end, I respectfully ask that you thoughtfully acknowledge that many of these established institutions and organizations are the recipients of very substantial public support – that is often wholly subsidized by taxpayer money – that is provided directly by government at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels. Notably, these entities have long enjoyed this sustained governmental and taxpayer support for many years, often for decades. These entities also receive very significant support from corporations and foundations including sizable matching grants that often tally in the tens of millions of dollars. Lastly, many of the leaders and staff of these professional efforts, institutions, and organizations are dedicated but highly compensated individuals who have never served in the U.S. Armed Forces. 

In sharp contrast, the success of this veteran owned film project – which is dedicated to telling the story of how the nation’s first veterans saved the American Revolution at Saratoga – is wholly dependent on support from the private sector and the generosity of our fellow citizens. Please know that this compelling film will simply not reach the silver screen without the timely and generous support of the nation’s patriots, veterans, and private sector. With the approach of the 250th anniversary of the nation’s fight for independence and founding, we ask that you make a very considered judgment and look to pointedly support efforts such as this independent film project that truly needs your generous support.

Bottom line: when making a decision to donate or support an effort around this important commemorative period:

  1. Does this institution or organization already receive substantial governmental funding (subsidized by tax dollars) or funding from corporations or foundations?
  2. Is this institution or organization led by veterans?
  3. Does this institution or organization truly have a robust veteran presence in their leadership and staff ranks? 

Support Our Mission. Honor America’s Heroic Origins and National Heritage.

The heroes that saved the American Revolution at Saratoga did their part when all appeared to be lost and America desperately needed a miracle in 1777.

Now, another miracle is indeed needed. We must do our part to bring this story to the widest possible audience in time for the 250th anniversary of the victory at Saratoga on October 17, 2027.